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Learn more about your baby with BabySafe. Knowing that your baby is well gives you confidence and peace of mind.

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Improving maternal and infant health outcomes

Synapse provides a series of tests ranging from prenatal, perinatal to postnatal care. We believe that a healthy baby starts from the womb and therefore bring to you the BabySafe brand on your journey to motherhood.


Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

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Inborn Errors of Metabolism

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Welcome to Motherhood

Dear parents, as you go through this exhilarating experience of nurturing and care, we join hands with you to keep your baby safe and coveted.

Our BabySafe range of tests brings the best technology in laboratory medicine to parents and doctors for healthier pregnancy outcomes.

Enjoy this journey with your little one while we add to your experience.


Quality you
can trust

Our team of highly experienced professionals comprises of scientists, pathologists, clinicians and genetic counsellors. With quality results and interpretation, we provide holistic support to physicians and parents for screening and diagnostics for your baby.

Technology Partners

Synapse Laboratory partners with market-leaders in newborn screening and facilitate innovative new technologies to offer unique screening and diagnostic solutions.


Prevention & Treatment

Synapse laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology such as Next Generation Sequencing, Mass Spectrometry, Real-time PCRs and more. The qualified team of medical laboratory professionals and pathologists at Synapse work together to analyse and generate reports with clear interpretation and recommendations.

As needed, our pathologists advise clinicians on the next course of action including investigations to confirm the diagnosis. We also provide genetic counselling services should you or your patients require such services.

Babysafe NIPT BabySafe IEM


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